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The 380 is driven by the popular and intuitive ScanXact® colour conversion software, which has been updated to extend and improve the RGB scanning range while simplifying the interface. ScanXact® drives the 380 drum scanner as both a traditional CMYK scanner and as an RGB input device for the ICC colour management environment. If Photoshop® is your preferred colour management tool then ScanXact® will deliver the highest quality, raw RGB scans directly into the application.

The feature rich tool-set available to ScanXact includes:

All these features combined with the batch setup and background scanning mode will keep your productivity to the optimum by continuing to scan whilst you work on your high resolution files in other retouching, colour management and page assembly applications. The 380 scanner and ScanXact® software offer the highest possible quality for the discerning colour professional.

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ICG 380 Drum Scanner
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ICG 380 Drum Scanner
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