When time is money, you'll wish your scanner had SlickMount

SlickMount is an oil based internal drum mounting method that delivers significant improvements in mounting time and scan quality. It combines the acknowledged advantages of oil mounting with the simplicity of the internal drum.

Scratch elimination

SlickMount has the added feature of eradicating scratches from both the emulsion and non-emulsion sides of the transparency.

The SlickMount Process

Transparencies are placed in a mounting channel inside the SlickMount drum and one or two drops of SlickMount fluid are then applied between each original and the drum surface with a pipette. When the scanner drum spins the transparency is pressed against the wall of the drum forcing out the oil in between. As the drum gathers speed a thin film of SlickMount fluid travels from a reservoir at the bottom of the drum to cover the originals, totally eliminating Newton’s rings and eradicating scratches on both sides of the transparency.

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