Vertical Reality - Productive Drum Scanning

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Introducing the ICG® 360 Drum Scanner, from the award-winning ICG® Vertical Drum Scanner range. Its unique combination of features delivers stunning productivity and unparalleled scan quality.

The easy-to-learn software runs on the familiar Macintosh platform, giving you all the controls you would expect from a high end scanner. Complete flexibility means that modules not selected as part of your start-up configuration can be added later. The option to upgrade your ICG® 360 Drum Scanner at any time ensures that your investment is future-proof.

ICG® 365 Drum Scanner

The ICG® 365 is a 360 scanner modified with improved electronics and mechanical systems. An upgrade kit is available to convert 360 models to the ICG® 365. Shipped with ScanXact XI. For more information on either scanner please contact ICG.

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ICG 360 Drum Scanner with woman working with it

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